Voter Guide: Midterms 2018

As Digital Managing Editor for The Temple News, I wanted to make a highly interactive guide for voters in the 2018 Midterm elections. With the help of our News team, we coordinated news coverage leading up to the elections like stories on voter turnout, how to register to vote and how polling places prepared for the election.

In planning what to include in the guide, I knew I wanted to make sure we took the time to explore every thing that appeared on the ballot for voters near Temple University. I also wanted to discuss issues that students and North Philadelphians care about — not what I thought they care about. So to kick off the project, we released a survey online where anyone could fill it out.

We asked what issues they wanted us to focus on, fielded specific questions for their representatives in the state capitol and anything else they might want to know about the election. In addition to online responses, our News editors sent out freelancers to knock on doors and conduct man-on-the-street interviews to get more responses to the survey. 

Armed with the questions and concerns of our readers, our News editors and I then went through the process of reaching out to and calling every candidate on the ballot — from the candidates for governor to the state senators and new congressional representatives. 

Then I sat down with the News Editor and distilled all their responses to something quick, accurate and digestible. The next step was to design the print insert, which broke down the ballot, the candidates’ positions on different issues and an explanation of voter rights. Finally, I built the online presentation to be interactive and mobile responsive with maps, links, charts and dropdowns.

Author: Julie Christie

A student journalist in the greater Philadelphia area