What we know: Temple’s proposed on-campus stadium

This interactive story broke down everything The Temple News reported on the university’s proposed on-campus stadium. It can be used as a quick-hits guide for major questions about the project and also lets the reader go more in-depth with things like the university’s cost reasoning, proposed funding plan and a definitive timeline for all of The Temple News’ coverage.

To make this story, I had to do a lot of research, which meant re-reading every article written about the stadium. I also compiled a mini database to keep track of, organize and categorize them. This made building the timeline featured at the end of the article much easier. It also made it possible for others to be able to update and edit the timeline as more content is written.

I also needed to analyze the numbers the university gave me so I could provide context for prices in tooltips throughout the story. The interactive table used shortcodes and HTML to implement the structure and interactivity. At the time, the Temple News was using Google’s free embeddable charts.

Author: Julie Christie

A student journalist in the greater Philadelphia area